Being Noticed in the Crowd Right Now—These Lipsticks You Must Try

  • 4/27/2023

For girls who love beauty, there is never too much lipstick, and they always feel that they lack one lipstick. The reason for girls to buy lipstick is almost as long as "I like" three words. So what brand of lipstick is better? Which lipstick should girls buy? We analyzed and produced the 2023 Top 10 Best-selling Lipstick Rankings based on the hot sales of brands on the entire network and the big data of Jingdong word-of-mouth. I hope that for all girls, there are better choices when buying lipsticks.


red tube lip glaze 405#

The velvety lip glaze has a silky and soft makeup experience, and the lip makeup is full and rich in color. The tomato red color is sweet and low-key, suitable for most girls' temperament, and it is easier to match. The makeup gift box is suitable as a birthday gift for girls' girlfriends.