How to choose a business shirt for men?

  • Dallas
  • 05/04/2023

Men who often attend business occasions must have several shirts in their wardrobe. Secondly, the most malleable shirt must be a solid color shirt. Take the white shirt as an example. The appearance design is simple and clean, which can meet the needs of different occasions, and the casual workplace style can be controlled. In addition, it is a striped shirt, which has more layers than a solid color shirt, which is the biggest advantage of a striped shirt. So which one do you prefer?



Long Sleeve Shirt 2023 Men's Business Shirt

CARTELO is an international brand. Its products are mainly business casual and trendy casual. There are different styles for different age groups. Initiated in Singapore in 1947, CARTELO has already set up more than 2,000 stores of various types in the country. Due to its popularity and social recognition, CARTELO has been honored as one of the top ten best-selling brands in the national market for many years.



Solid color shirt men

Kindon has always been a leader in China's apparel industry. Its Jindun brand trademark originated from the United States. As a senior brand, Jindun has never given up its pursuit. Kindon has become a symbol of successful people. Bringing together the creative inspirations of many famous European and American fashion design masters, integrating elegant and modern design styles, and using international high-end fabrics, KINDON has won the trust of consumers with its high-quality products and exquisite craftsmanship.