Is Clothes Stain Remover an IQ Tax?

  • 05/04/2023

German quality testing agency Stiftung Warentest reviewed 20 laundry stain removers and 3 ultrasonic stain removers. Experts emphasize that the decontamination ability of stain remover is limited, and everyone needs to pay attention when purchasing! Daily laundry detergent/detergent is enough, no need to use additional stain remover. If you want to buy, it is recommended to choose the two "Gut" stain removers.


Product: dm own brand Denkmit Fleckenspray

Price: 1.45 Euro

Score: Gut


Product: Sil 1 für Alles Fleckensalz

Price: 2.49 Euros

Score: Gut



Product: Kaufland Asset Brand K-Classic Multi-Flecken-Entferner

Price: 1.95 Euro

Score: mangelhaft



Product: Dr. Beckmann Original Fleckensalz Gallseife

Price: 1.99 Euros

Score: mangelhaft