Gorgeous Mother's Day Jewelry - $150 and Under

  • Olivia
  • 05/04/2023

Mothers are the ones who give us life, so they are incomparably great. We can count on them to support us and be there for us, and provide us with the guidance and advice we need in life's many moments, big and small. Our moms weren't always good at shopping, whether they had very specific tastes or insisted they didn't actually need anything at all.

As Mother's Day approaches, we really want to take this opportunity to show our love to our mothers. For some, it might be a gorgeous bouquet of flowers or a special dinner with mom. But another really meaningful gift idea might just be a gift they can wear and enjoy every day of their lives.

Jewelry can be the perfect way to do this, as it adds sparkle to mom's day-to-day life.

XIO BY YLETTE Guiding Light Lariat

WHAT YOU GET: This paper clip noose features the North Star coin and is gold or silver plated.

What kind of mom is it suitable for: The Polaris theme reminds you to always follow your intuition and do what you think is right, perfect for the mom who always reminds you to set your intentions.

Laura Ashley Triple Flower Drop Floral Dangle Earrings With Crystal

What you get: Floral drop earrings in a graduated flower design with a matte gold finish. It will add a unique and fun touch to her every outlet.

What kind of mom it’s for: If she loves gardening or the bright and dainty florals of spring, she’ll want to have these feminine earrings dangling from her ears.


Canaria 10K Yellow Gold Satin and Polished Toe Ring

What You Get: Made of 10K Gold, this toe ring is beautifully polished to match all of her favorite summer sandals and pedicures.

What kind of mom is it for: Moms who still maintain their free spirit after many years will love this toe ring.