How to choose an eye-catching necklace?

  • Gigi
  • 05/04/2023

Necklace is a must for every woman, choosing the right necklace can make our makeup look more charming. How to choose an eye-catching necklace? How to add charm to you in the crowd? Come and take a look at the five well-rated necklace brands I have compiled!



Swarovski Little Black Swan Pendant Necklace Clavicle Chain

This product comes from SWAROVSKI Swarovski in Austria. Swarovski was founded in 1895. It is the world's leading manufacturer of cut imitation crystal. It is famous for its pure, unique cut and arrangement and number of facets. Eye-catching and high-end precision personified.



Black Clover Pendant Rose Gold Simple Clavicle Necklace

This item comes from LIBERAEDON in the United States, which is a private watch customization brand founded by Mr. Alexander Kern. At the end of the 20th century, at the invitation of the Italian designer Mr. Cosimo Alighieri, LIBERAEDON went to Europe from the United States. Because of its excellent industrial design and fashion sense with great design aesthetics, it gradually became known to the public and was loved by the middle and high-income classes in the United States. 


APM Monaco 

Hexagram Necklace

This product comes from apmMONACO in France. apmMONACO was founded in Monaco in 1980. The design inspiration of this brand comes from the south of France. The free attitude towards life gave birth to apmMONACO. With 30 years of experience in jewelry design and production, apmMONACO continues to lead the fashion. While maintaining its own style, it constantly introduces novel and exquisite new jewelry, and is a leader in popular boutique fashion.



Pavé Transfer Bead Necklace

This product comes from GIVENCHY Givenchy, France. Givenchy is a fashion brand from France. Givenchy initially used perfume as its main product, and then began to get involved in skin care and make-up, aiming to make all women more beautiful. Givenchy is not only committed to the design of men's and gentlemen's clothing and mature and elegant women's clothing boutiques, but also has never stopped the research and development of perfume, skin care and make-up products for women to add beauty and grace.


Lily & Lotty 

Aurora Flow Roman Round Diamond Ring Necklace

The product comes from Lily&Lotty in the UK. Lily&Lotty is also part of IBB Group, the world's largest gold and silver jewelry platform. The creators, Carole and GrahamStock, have nearly 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. The inspiration behind the brand comes from their three daughters (aged 10, 17 and 23), each of whom gives a unique identity to a particular model in the collection.