3 recommended smart bracelets, which can assist in monitoring your health!

  • Olivia
  • 04/28/2023

If you want to buy a smart bracelet, please don't buy a GPS bracelet, this is an IQ tax. In addition, if you want to buy a smart watch, please consider your own ecosystem watch first, if you are not satisfied with the appearance, then consider other brands. Next, I will show you the three most popular smart watch brands below. If you are interested, you can refer to it for purchase.



Huawei Band 7

unique advanced health functions

The principle of CPC cardiopulmonary coupling technology for sleep detection determines that it is a rare and reliable detection method in smart bracelets. Secondly, it has real large-screen interaction, rather than large parameters on paper. In addition, it has unique advanced health functions: heart health research, sleep apnea, etc., which are not available in similar products.

High-level health functions do not support the IOS system for the time being. Second, good-looking dials cost money.



Honor Band 6
King of the same price range

First of all, it has a 1.47-inch large screen, plus sensitive full touch operation. Secondly, it can last for 14 days: smart watches generally have a battery life of 5-7 days, because of the large screen and performance. But the bracelet uses its own RTOS small system, which can save power as much as possible, which realizes the function of the watch and the battery life of the bracelet. In addition, it has a scientific sleep monitoring function: this has always been the strength of Huawei Honor, especially the sleep section. Finally, it has intimate women's health management functions: more humane and considerate health management functions, instead of empty health management slogans.

First of all, for the functions of non-Honor systems, the function restrictions are serious.
Secondly, the Honor brand was sold by Huawei, and the Honor smart bracelet hardware attached to Huawei's algorithms and research was temporarily terminated, such as heart health monitoring and hospital cooperation.



Mi Band 7
The Xiaomi Mi Band has the largest screen so far

First of all, the AMOLED screen has a size of 1.2 inches, a 326PPI retina-level display effect, bright colors, and an excellent interactive experience. Secondly, the new screen display function has been added, and the screen can always display the time. In addition, a new high-level data analysis function is added: the product serves people and directly gives conclusions instead of allowing users to judge by themselves


First of all, although the screen itself is large enough, and it is very cost-effective among similar products, compared with the Huawei Band 7, the visual effect is suddenly smaller. Secondly, compared with the Huawei bracelet, there is no 301 hospital joint heart health plan. In addition, if it is not Xiaomi system/Android system, many functions will not be available.

Apple Watch Series Smart Watches

the only choice for a real smart watch

First of all, if it is an ios system, this is the only choice for a real smart watch (supporting third-party application downloads). Secondly, if you are a heavy user of IOS products, this can be used as a very important supplement. You can directly unlock the computer, connect airpods to listen to music, and even use your mobile phone to answer and reply to WeChat.
First of all, the price is expensive! Secondly, it does not support the use of Android system.